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The idea behind this blog is to capture my daily life, documenting it. If you are interested please do follow.

  • One Month Update
    First, the good news is that I finally landed a job. I was so busy with my work I didn’t get time to post anything. The job is nice, the…More
  • Clueless?
    You get clueless sometimes. As I am with this post. What should I write? What to say? How to say it? and the questions keeps increasing. One thing, I noticed…More
  • Taking Life Seriously….
    If you don’t priortize your time for your tasks, then others will priortize your time for there tasks. I have decided to take life seriously. I do believe that when…More
  • Bad Luck
    Welcome to the blog It will be not a fancy blog. I am just an ordinary guy documenting my life’s journey. You are welcome to join my journey. I haven’t…More

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